Karabo Che Mokoape

Karabo Che Mokoape

Business Director

Karabo Che Mokoape is a Durban based Social Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker. He is the CEO of the Ubambo Group, Ubambo Software Solutions and Khula Mining. He sits on the boards of several organisations including: Hilton College, The FutureLife Foundation, Rietspruit Crushers, Emcom wireless, The Light Trust, The Izingane Zethu Children’s trust, African Enterprise and Alpha KZN. His core skills are strategic leadership and planning, communication and personal development. Karabo has a vast knowledge regarding systems, operations and social responsibility which he has applied in strategically advising a wide range of organisations in various industries. A true global citizen, he has travelled to more than 70 countries and speaks a number of foreign languages, including French and Spanish. Karabo also has a background as a journalist, having been a foreign correspondent for various media outlets, including the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He has covered the conflicts in Somalia, Gaza, Afghanistan and the Ivory Coast to name but a few.

Llewellyn Crosby

Llewellyn Crosby

Technical Director

Llewellyn Crosby is the CEO of Ubambo Solutions and TCCSS which specialises in the design and development of custom computer software. He currently works with the Ethekwini Municipality as a business and systems analyst on the new Revenue Management System. Llewellyn is also behind the modification of the two open-source pieces of software created by Ubambo Solutions.

 Introduction to Ubambo Solutions

Ubambo Solutions is a black owned company, level 3 BBBEE contributor, standing at the intersection between cutting edge software development and traditional consulting. Drawing on the vast experience of its team in each software development and project management, our company is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative products and service solutions to businesses across various sectors.

Ubambo Solutions has paid careful attention to market trends in determining which products and services to bring to the market. Never has it been more important for businesses to make use of technological solutions to deliver greater efficiencies in increasingly globalised and competitive markets.

Ubambo Solutions is headed by Karabo Che Mokoape (Business Director) and Llewellyn Crosby (Technical Director). We are focused on providing cloud based Software As A Service (SAAS) solutions, custom application development on both the internet and local systems and web development solutions.


 Our Vision Statement

“To empower the next generation of Africans through the creation of innovative technology solutions”


 Our Values

  • Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness
  • Quality Service and After-Sales Care
  • Excellence and Dependability
  • Accessibility and Accountability
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Friendliness and Approachability
  • The Continuing Education, Development and Empowerment of our Employees
  • The Provision of a Creative and Innovative work environment
  • Transformation